Isabelle "Belle" Hausler
Basic Info
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday December 9th
Blood Type B
Main Ability OGAP

Berlin, Germany

Nationality German

Barrie Morgan  (Grandfather)

Louise Morgan (Grandmother)

Gene Morgan (Mother)

James Britten (Father, deceased)

Thomas Hausler (Adoptive Father)

Lucia Hausler (Adoptive Sister)



Base of Operations None
"Someone's ass is gonna get kicked tonight. And it ain't gonna be mine."
― Belle

Isabelle Hausler, nicknamed Belle and born as Isabelle Britten, is the daughter of Gene Morgan and James Britten. Due to a promise Thomas Hausler made to Gene prior to her death, Belle went under Thomas' custody. Because of the absence of her biological father, she sees Thomas as her true father, and got her last name legally changed to fit as such.

She is the adoptive sister of Lucia Hausler.




Belle is a girl of diminutive stature, being under five feet tall. She has brunette hair which she keeps in pigtails.



Belle has a short temper and is often prone to being easily annoyed whenever something she thinks is bad is happening to her or her sister.


  • Operation Ground and Pound - Belle's Abnormality allows her to create and manipulate water, and gives her a number of powers associated with hydrokinesis. Though initially inexperienced with using her powers, she has managed to quickly teach herself a number of ways to use OGAP.
    • Hydrogen and Oxygen - One of Belle's most expressed uses of her powers is to not only control water, but to control both hydrogen and oxygen individually, right down to the subatomic level. Once she learned this aspect of her abilities, she gained the capacity to control objects as long as they contain a sufficient amount of either hydrogen or oxygen, though they're more difficult to control compared to water.
      • Nucleokinesis - With concentration and practice, Belle can accelerate hydrogen nuclei to high speeds and force nuclear fusion between them to occur, producing energy which can be projected in the form of pulses or blasts. It's potential for mass destruction makes it incredibly deadly to use.
      • Pyrokinesis - Belle can ignite the oxygen around herself to generate flames, either setting herself or the area around her on fire.


  • Squirt Gun - Belle carries a squirt gun on her person. By manipulating water density and pressure, she can turn a squirt gun into a deadly weapon.


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