Ille Lushon
Basic Info
Alias(es) Master of Magic (His Title)
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Main Ability Unknown
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Unknown
Occupation(s) Professional Magician
Base of Operations Lushon Mansion

"Haha! Be that as it may, it is useless to strive for anything but perfection."

― Ille, responding to Paige asking him why he forces himself  to not broadcast any trick with a nomial mistake.

Ille Lushon is a supporting character in the Lettuceverse, and master magician who is a well-renowed celebrity.



Theme Songs


Ille is a very eccentric man, who is an utter perfectionist in his work, not accepting any mistake at all no matter how trivial. He frequently pulls all sorts of small animals out of his cape, his favorite being doves. He has great compassion for everyone, and for lack of better words, is a "really nice guy". He does have a bit of a reckless side, as his tricks are very dangerous, but he doesn't seem to care.


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

He first appears in ARC 33, where he is a central character and ends up defeating Kingsley Medeis by outsmarting him.




  • XXX
    • XXX
  • XXX
    • XXX
  • XXX
    • XXX


  • Many items for magic acts.
  • Red Trench Coat
  • Dove that seems to always perch on his shoulder.


  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX

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