Hunter Redd
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Alias(es) Altered Beast
Alignment Neutral evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday 10/28/2002
Blood Type O
Main Ability Transformation
Birthplace Millennium City
Home World Millenniumverse
Affiliation(s) Crimson Syndicate
Occupation(s) Syndicate member
Base of Operations Crimson HQ

Hunter is a member of the Crimson Syndicate and is often the brute force despite his small stature, this is because he is an artificial werebeast, capable of transforming at will.


Hunter is a member of a major syndicate in the seedy side of the Millennium. He grew up on the streets, as his parent mysteriously abandoned him. He learned to understand the way the city worked and learned of various magitech. When approached by the syndicate, they offered him a volunteer job for a brand new magitech chip. He applied and had it outfitted to his heart. This new chip allowed him to transform into werebeasts based on the genes encoded within and also allowed him to see out of the eyes of animals he had scanned. The tech was a grand success and he was allowed to be a member, given jobs based on intimidation, brute force, and traversing various terrain.



He often wears relaxed clothing as he feels he doesn't need armor to feel tough. His youthful appearence being because he's a teenager. The ears and tail because prolonged transformations caused them to permanently form.


Hunter is fairly carefree and remorseless, though he can be very easily annoyed. He does less than moral acts purely because it’s a lucrative act and it allows him to use his animal instincts more actively.


Money, insects


people touching his ears




  • Our Werebeasts Are Different



He often resorts to transforming into his were-states giving him multiple forms and uses for various situations. Should he not use his were-forms he can intimidate others and other times he will resort to fire mana guns.


  • His base form is still fragile
  • his ears and tail in base form are senstive to touch


  • His powers and Alias are inspired by the Sega game Altered Beast.