Universe 12
Hugh Stewart
Basic Info
Alias(es) Gato
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 38
Birthday July 6th
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Nyaa~
Personal Data
Birthplace Aberdeen, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations Placeholder text

"Quote Placeholder"

- Hugh





Powers and Abilities

  • Nyaa~ - Hugh has the ability to temporarily turn any object into a housecat. This ability can be useful for concealing important objects and disguising them as cats. Hugh, at one point, changes a revolver into a cat to keep it in hiding in case he needs it. Objects turned into cats will keep most of their attributes of what they were made of (i.e a cat that was transformed from glass will have the durability of glass, while a cat made of paper will have the durability of paper). If a cat dies, it will revert back into the object it changed from, unharmed. Hugh can give these cats orders, if needed.
  • Cat Transformation- Hugh himself has the ability to transform into a housecat.


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