The Big Four

"I believe that despite our efforts, they have come, at long last."

- Basil about the Horsemen.

The Horsemen consist of four entities that reside in an unknown area somewhere in the universe.

They rest in an eternal slumber, only to wake up when the Seven Seals, guarded by the seven Archangels, have been released. Once this has happened, they will immediately awaken, and head for four of the five main dimensions in the universe, unleashing their wrath on everyone that gets in their way unless they have been awakened for a mission. Due to the destructive nature of the Horsemen, they are typically only released as a last resort. They will only be considered to be released by the Archangels should an Elder God or another entity becomes a threat to the universe and by extension, the multiverse.

The Horsemen

As bringers of the apocalypse, each Horseman is incredibly powerful on its own, and each has power over something. Together, they have the capacity to fight on par with an Elder God.

  • Death
  • Conquest
  • Famine
  • War

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