Hideo Nenshou
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Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday 10/9
Main Ability Thermokinesis
Personal Data
Birthplace Sendai, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Student

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- Hideo.






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  • Thermokinesis - Hideo has the ability to control and change the temperature around himself and a short distance away from himself, which roughly spans about eight meters away from and around him. In his range, Hideo is capable of heating or cooling objects, whether it be mildly or to an extreme degree. He has demonstrated being able to perform feats such as melting rocks down into magma or freezing the air around himself to the point of solidification. He also appears to show either an immunity or massive resistance towards extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
    • Body Temperature Control - Along with being able to control the temperature around himself, Hideo can also manipulate his own internal body temperature. By doing so, Hideo can turn himself into a dangerous physical fighter, being capable of painfully burning or freezing someone just by making contact with them.


  • Hideo is limited by his range.


  • He is named after Hideo Kojima.

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