Richard Mhhylhaos Nixon
Alias(es) Red Hunter
Tricky Dick
Slippery Rick
Alignment Evil
Race Human
Age 61
Birthday January 9, 1913
Gender Male
Occupation GLPOTUS (Grand Lord President of the United States)
Powers Mind Control (Persuasion, Fanaticism Inducement)
Paraphernalia Winchester Model 70 Rifle

"When the Grand Lord President does it, that means it is not illegal."

Grand Lord President Richard Mhhylhaos Nixon is the 37th President of the United States on Earth-POTUS, wherein the United States was drastically changed by an alien landing in 1902.


He grew up in poverty, born to a poor family. He had four brothers, but all of them died at young ages, stiffening him dramatically. He became even more hardened emotionally when his parents were inducted into an early alien hippie movement. He pledged his life to being grumpy and unlikable. He trained under masters of the ancient art of unpleasant demeanor. Rumors say he found love in a young Jewish woman, who was his equal in unpleasantness. But she ran away with his favorite tie, which gave off a magical aura of stuffiness. He has a successful political career, built on his outward appearance of "bland unlikability", yet seeming harmlessness. He ran for the Presidency in 1968, in a world where the President has far more power due to the time when the aliens landed (during Teddy Roosevelt's Presidency). He wins narrowly, and quickly uses this power to replace his enemies, and those who have the power to veto his decisions. He foes to great lengths to silence those who know his actions, because he has no intention to destroy his image. But an alien spy releases a number of tapes holding he audio of many incriminating phone conversations with his staff. He and his National Security Advisor activated their failsafe, and turned the US into a barbaric monarchy, where Jews and members of the press had all rights revoked, and put black people in zoos. Homosexuals were lower-class, but if only to retain some level of image, because Nixon had nothing against them. Also, he has superpowers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Control: he spews lies and political rhetoric to control the minds of others, except it's a superpower, not just something he does as a politician (although even without his powers, he is a strong motivator). It works on individuals of moderate intelligence, but still has some effect on the more strong-of-will.
    • Persuasion
    • Fanaticism Inducement


  • Paranoia


  • He was responsible for the creation of the EPA (Extra-Terrestrial Planetary Annihilator).
  • His middle name comes from an ancient alien king from the planet Jjjeecse, where the aliens who landed on Earth in 1902 came from.

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