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  • Tolerance to Pain - Even before he used his powers to change his body, Gordon was shown to work though pain without being distracted.


  • Cytokinesis - Gordon's original ability is described as being able to control his own cells and modify their properties. With this ability, he gave himself several other biologically based abilities, all the while turning himself into a monster while doing it. He says that changing what his cells are capable of "takes a long time and is a painful process", which would explain why he doesn't change his cells more often.
    • Acid Blood - Gordon modified his blood cells to the point where they highly acidic and corrosive, which he is capable of excreting. His blood is capable of melting through almost anything in seconds, from human flesh to the hardest of metals. Gordon will commonly excrete his blood from his hands, bringing about the illusion that he melts whatever he touches.
    • Body Part Dismemberment/Remote Control - With his blood, Gordon can even melt his own body parts clean off. Despite their detatchment from the rest of the body, Gordon can control his limbs and give them commands, and even allow them to work on their own without his help.
    • Appendage Growth - Gordon can regenerate lost body parts in minutes, along with being able to grow additional limbs.
    • Supernaturally Dense Tissue - Gordon manipulated the cells in his muscles to make them extremely tough. As a result, he can withstand heavy blows on his body, such as those from gunfire.


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