Garrick Burtonwood



Basic Info
Alias(es) The reaper
Alignment Neutral evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Birthday 4/22/1991
Blood Type A
Main Ability Scythe proficiency
Birthplace Oznea
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) Wilburns team
Occupation(s) Mercenary
Base of Operations None

Garrick is a mercenary under the employment of Wilburn and is obsessed with the concept of death.


Garrick has been obssessed with death for a great deal of his life, decidedly taking on the guise of the reaper himself and taking up a scythe to take the lives of those he sees have their time up. By the time Wilburn found him he had slain a great deal of men and women, naturally he saw the potential in his skill and offered him a place at his side so that he can kill more people and even be paid for it. 



His skin is chalky white and is purposefully so because he makes himself out to be the reaper, even donning a cloak and a skull mask when he wants to intimidate and/or kill.


He has an obscene obsession with death, even making himself out to be the reaper. Naturally this gives him a macabre sense of humor and thought.


  • Death


  • Prudes


  • Slaying




  • Magic Scythe


Fear is his primary motive in combat, making enemies too scared to fight back. In addition to this he uses his scythe in incredibly fast swings, often swinging it into circles for repeated strikes to vital regions, he also often infuses it with energy for stronger strikes.


  • Fearless enemies

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