Garnet Bell
Basic Info
Alias(es) Bellum
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday 6/5
Blood Type A
Main Ability Hothead
Personal Data
Birthplace Male, Maldives (but moved to Riverside, California at age 3)
Nationality Maldivian-American
Affiliation(s) Herself


Base of Operations


"...I'm not getting out of this unless I fight, am I?"

- Garnet.




Garnet is quite tall. Her hair is medium length, and is reddish brown hue. She typically keeps her hair wrapped up inside of a flame retardant cap, which allows her to safely keep any stray hairs of hers from causing any havoc due to the nature of her Abnormality. Garnet wears a dark brown sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath, with leather pants and brown leather shoes. Her eyes are a bluish green.



Garnet, worried about the consequences about going out and about because of her Abnormality, constantly checks to make sure if her hair is kept. Anyone who doesn't know or understand about her Abnormality will assume that she's just very obsessed with her hair. Garnet will tend to avoid contact with most people just to make sure they don't accidentally get burned.

Honey and certain herbs, for some reason, can lessen the intensity of the flames if Garnet were to ingest it. However, ironically, Garnet has an extreme distaste for honey. This makes it very difficult for her to willingly ingest it. But, she will. She says it leaves a bad taste in her mouth once she does.

The only times Garnet won't bother with her hair are if she needs to defend herself.


  • Hothead - Garnet's Abnormality causes her hair to become highly combustible and explosive if it were to fall off of Garnet's head. Even short, tiny strands of hair are dangerous enough to cause entire forest fires. The hairs will combust, regardless of the temperature that they're in, including those of sub-zero quantities. Though Garnet doesn't have complete control over the hairs once they come off, she can manipulate her own hair to an extent, which allows her to do things such extend her hair to great lengths. Garnet has the option of combusting her hair, even when it's still on her head. When in a fight, she could do something like extend all of her hair to latch onto the foe, then combust her hair, which would incinerate whoever is caught in it. She could whip up fireballs to shoot at, melt objects by covering them with her hair, and various other applications.
    • Garnet's hair will grow back supernaturally quickly if it falls off, then it will stop when it reaches her regular hair length; barely touching her shoulders.




  • Flaming hair is uncontrollable if it falls off of Garnet, making it dangerous for both her and others without precautions.


  • Garnet's favorite musician is Pink Floyd.

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