Ford Rivent
Alias(es) Rust Spark, Prisoner #1432
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Meta-Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Birthday July 2nd
Blood Type A-
Main Ability Decay Inducement
Birthplace Torrence, Alabama
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself, The Iron Order
Occupation(s) Serial Killer
Base of Operations Mobile
"I never understood why people demonize the force of death so much. In my experience it's very refreshing, aside from the terrifying feeling of your life being ripped from your body."
― Ford Rivent, demonstrating his sarcastic nature

Ford Rivent is an American serial killer and Meta-Human that operates all across the country. Ford was born with a blank Meta-Gene, and developed his abilities to absorb and sense electricity, while also being able to induce rot and corrosion during his execution in Alabama. Since his powers developed, Ford has become a prominent enemy of both Sam Grey and Darren Lynch. Due to his ability to return to life and cause decay, Ford took on his dreaded moniker of Revenant.


Childhood and Early Years


As Revenant




Due to his life as a serial killer, Ford is very fit and mascular, which matches his tall height. He keeps his brown hair short and has electric-blue eyes as a result from his execution.



Ford is a high-functioning sociopath, able to trick and manipulate those around him fairly easily. All the while, Ford is also a psychopath, enjoying to harm others and even having stated his love of giving victims false hope, simply so he can rip it away and plunge them into despair before killing them.


Murder, Manipulation, Steak, Electricity


Heroes, Wastefulness, Obstructions, Winter


When not committing murders or other crimes, Ford frequents bars, often enjoying darts with strangers.


  • Decay Inducement - While being electrocuted, the decay of his burned skin was bonded with his blank Meta-Gene, allowing him to cause organic matter to decay upon contact.
    • Corrosion Inducement - Ford's ability to cause decay eventually evolved, thus allowing Ford to also corrode metals.
  • Electricity Absorption - Due to his body absorbing massive amounts of electricity in the electric chair, Ford gained the secondary ability of absorbing electricity and using it to enhance his condition. However, Ford now requires electricity to survive, feeding off of it like food.
    • Electrical Resurrection - During his fight with Samuel Grey, it was proven that when electricuted after death, Ford returns to life.
    • Electricity Tracking - By honing in on the exact electrical output of humans, Ford can track victims wherever they go. Ford also uses this ability to find large amounts of electricity to absorb.
  • Enhanced Intelligence - Ford is very intelligent, often using that to manipulate opponents and victims, and he is a highly adept strategist.
  • Killing Instinct - Even before developing his powers, Ford was a serial killer who used his lack of consistency to conceal his killing pattern.


  • Bowie Knife.
  • Many Throwing Knives.
  • Electric Charges.


  • Ford requires electricity to survive.
    • Before going into physical pain, Ford will lose his ability to induce decay and corrosion if he hasn't sustained on electricity in a while.


  • Ford was one of the first prisoners to be transferred to Purgatory-1.
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