The Great Acid Thief (himself)

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch-Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Acid Control
Birthplace Highlife City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself, Rock Hardin,Knox
Occupation(s) Thief
Base of Operations None (Seemingly pops up anywhere)
― Finbar

Finbar is a wandering thief that roams the country in search of a big score, he uses his acid generation abilities to break into homes, and steal things of value. He is disgustingly arrogant, which is ironic since he usually fails at his job. He has a very New-Yorkish way of talking, usually referring to the heroes as "Schmucks" or "Drips".  


ARC 1: Season 5 of the 2nd Heroes Series:

He first appeared towards the end of the 5th season. He was seen breaking into the base while the heroes where out, thinking it was just a normal house, but when they came back and started fighting him, his shock quickly turned to annoyance as they out-numbered him. and was soon beaten. He was then thrown out of the window, and was later seen watching the heroes fight with Sam from a nearby alley. He was later seen some time after the sam got revived and turned evil again. He was shown to have met up , and become robbing partners with Hunter, who uses his transformation skills to aid Finbar in his thieving, and ends up escaping with money from robbing a bank before the heroes can subdue to him, thanks to Hunter using his transformation powers to teleport them away. He didn't appear again till the unwritten series 2 finale, where he and hunter were tasked with protecting Brian's laptop, which had Pembroke's list of government kidnappings on it. They were found out by the heroes, and were quickly subdued. The Duo later re-appeared when Vivian summoned them after Brix's betrayal. They were brought into the building by a giant hand made of wind, which grabbed Brix, turned into a tornado, and launched the trio out of the city and over the horizon for failing Vivian. While Hunter reunited with the NGD, and Brix started chasing after Pembroke's Power replicating device, Finbar was not seen again after this. 

ARC 2: Lettuceverse

Finbar is a recurring thug and nuisance to the heroes in the Lettuceverse, and first appeared in Arc 3 as a regular thug Flint and Wade defeated for fun. He then has a very minor role in Arc 8, and was seen being beaten by Brian and Paige and arrested at the start of the Arc. He was then mentioned in Arc 10, with Nester saying he escaped his cell. He was then seen being beat up by Jake Jones around the start of Arc 11, but he escaped. He appeared again in ARC 15, where he was seen breaking into Brix towers during the fight and was seemingly trying to make off with some of Brix's high value expensive milk, but he was blown out of the building by Riley Umbra.Finbar has no other appearances until ARC 21, where he was knocked out by Dr. Fulbright for trying to steal his wallet on the street in the start of the ARC. He appears again in ARC 25, being seen with Rock Hardin's cowboy squad, looking quite like the odd one out. Once Rock realized he wasn't actually a cowboy, he was shot in the leg and shoved into a barrel. He appeared again in ARC 27, where he seen trying to rob Brix's Milk Emporium, but was thrown out of the shop by Beta. He didn't appear again until ARC 34, where the heroes came across him while looking for the missing members of the old syndicate. He ended up being arrested again, but managed to escape by somehow getting out of his power reducing handcuffs. He finally got a main role in ARC 35, where he teamed up with his brother, Knox, and Rock Hardin to form a crime trio. They ended up getting easily defeated at the end of the ARC, but managed to escape thanks to Rock's quick thinking.

ARC 3: Multiverse

Finbar had a cameo in Sandy Springs in the lettuceverse.


Finbar wears a stereotypical robber getup, which includes a black cap, and a black and white striped shirt. He also wears a dark green bandanna over his eyes, and always has a crooked smile on.


He is a wandering thief that has little care for people's feelings, and is quite self-centered. He is also extremely eccentric, as he twirls and around makes various poses while he talks, as well as having a very weird laugh. Finbar also has an inflated ego and calls himself "The Great Acid Thief". He is also shown to be quite dumb, and generally inept at his duties. He has a habit of telling fairly transparent lies and getting angry when people call him out. Despite being extremely stupid and self-centered, he has some degree of loyalty, as he doesn't abandon Rock and Knox when he has the opportunity to get away free, but instead helps Knox with his escape plan.  


  • Acid Powers: He can shoot acid from his palms, and he can generate acid on his fingers, so he can melt objects by touching them at will.
  • Mobility: He can climb up walls using the acid on his hands.


  • Finbar is a parody of the stereotypical stupid thief that is present in most media.
  • Between the Trio of him,Knox, and Rock Hardin, all of them has a varation of the same laugh. Finbar's being "NYEHEHEHE!", Knox's being "NYAHAHAHA!" and Rock's being "NYUHUHUH".

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