Emma Breeze
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Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Super Speed
Personal Data
Birthplace Highlife City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) NGD 
Occupation(s) Agent of NGD 
Base of Operations Fallbell City 

"I could get up and skate through the city and get us some lunch...then come back here before you would notice, but that would require effort so I'm not going to bother right now."

― Emma, talking to Max Effingo

Emma Breeze is a character in the lettuceverse. She has the power of super speed, and generally a "free spirit". She is an extremely nonchalant person. Emma also seems to like roller skating, as she wears roller blades instead of shoes for maximum speed and agility. 




Emma is 5 foot 6, and has light brown hair and freckles. She is always seen wearing a grey hoodie with jeans. She always has a pair of dark red roller blades in place of shoes.


Emma is a very nonchalant person, who really doesn't display much care or worry over anything.  She is pretty easily impressed, and isn't hard to get along with. Emma, ironically given her power, is actually a very patient and somewhat lazy person. She also has a very casual personality, usually referring to anyone as "dude" or some other equally non-formal name. Emma also seems to be an optimistic person,usually looking on the bright side of things. She also seems to form a duo of sorts with Max Effingo and usually is the the one to whip him back into sanity after he starts panicking for various reasons. 


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Emma first appeared in ARC 6, and joined up with Flint and Wade to save the NGD.  She appeared again in ARC 8, where she stopped the syndicate and Brix with the help of the other Alpha Squad Members.  In ARC 10, Emma had a minor role with a couple lines, and fought Norman at his base with some other NGD members.  She re-appears in ARC 13, having a couple lines, but did not have a main role. In ARC 14, Emma along with the rest of the NGD, was defeated by Norman and captured, and was rescued at the end of arc, and had a couple lines. In ARC 15, Emma defeated Brix and shut down the machine used to extract all the milk in the city. Emma appeared again in ARC 18, being seen in the base meeting the new recruits, but did not have a main role. In ARCS 19 and 20, Emma was present during the final battles, and was one of the more prominent fighters, getting a reasonable amount of lines. She re-appears in ARC 23, where she was shown fighting Casey and Zack. Emma has a main role in ARC 24. She appears again in ARC 30, participating in the tournament. She then has a main role in ARC 34.

ARC 2:Multiverse

Emma is a main character in season 3 of Multiverse. In the final episode of season 3, after being visibly disgusted by Red eating Salvador to death, she departs in the breach which brings some of the main characters back to their originial dimensions, claming to "have had enough other-dimensional travel for a lifetime."


  • Emma has the power to run, or in her case skate at extreme speeds, which enables to her literally zip away at extreme speeds and come back to where she was before another person usually notices she was there.
    • Since Emma is always wearing roller blades, she can use them to her advantage to gain an upper hand on foes using her speed, such as grinding on rails, or using her erratic kinectic energy to skate on walls. 
    • She can also use her super speed to vibrate astronomically fast, making her able to shoot shockwaves. 
    • Emma also has a faster healing factor due to her extremely fast cells, making her heal wounds slightly quicker. 










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