Emily Fodsel
Basic Info
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Female


19 (Timeskip)

Birthday March 16
Blood Type B
Main Ability Call of the Wild
Personal Data
Nationality German-American


Assistant Zoologist (Timeskip)

Base of Operations

"Quote Placeholder."





Powers and Abilities



  • Call of the Wild - Emily has the ability to "scan" animals, either by seeing them or by touch, and permanently copy their traits. She can copy things such as the senses of a dog, the flight of a fly, and the silk spinning abilities of a spider. Emily's abilities are capable of working on extinct animals such as dinosaurs, or extraterrestrial species like the Polarians. Over the years, Emily has amassed countless different animals.
  • As a result, she has a multitude of different powers that she has acquired. A list of her abilities from copied animals includes:
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Predator Instinct
    • Silk Weaving
    • Wallcrawling
    • Camouflage
    • Sound Mimicry
    • Enhanced Condition
    • Flight
    • Poison Generation
    • Aquatic Respiration
    • Enhanced Survivability
    • Regeneration
    • Electricity Generation
    • Electroreception
    • Ink Generation
    • Self-Replication
    • Necrosis Inducement
    • Limited Telepathy
  • Trait Stacking - Additionally, she can also combine multiple traits from animals she's scanned to create traits for herself that no previous animal had, such as a web that can be shot out of her hands, or combining the strength of multiple animals.
  • Metamorphosis - Eventually, Emily learns that she can morph into the animals she's scanned over time. At first, the transformations she takes on take some minutes to complete, and weren't even full transformations. Eventually, however, Emily is able to fully turn into any animal she's scanned within less than a second. She can even transform into multiple animals to form hybrids. Emily will typically use her transformations as a means of disguise, or for changing her size so she can fit into smaller spaces she couldn't fit into in her human form. She could also use it to take on a larger, more intimidating form.


  • Emily will also carry several animal instincts which she has to control.
  • She can't copy other humans, or creatures that don't exist.
  • She also can't copy specific Abnormalities. (i.e scanning an animal with the ability to control water wouldn't give her powers over water)
  • Additionally, she can't copy animals depicted in drawings unless they are completely detailed.


  • Emily is named after the Elton John song of the same name.

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