Edgar Emmerich
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday December 1st
Blood Type A-
Main Ability Velocity Transferral
Personal Data
Birthplace Albany, New York
Nationality German American
Affiliation(s) Himself
Base of Operations None

"I tagged you. You're now frozen. And on a busy street, too. Best not to get hit."

- Edgar, after Drea Garland accidentally steps on one of his velocity mines in the middle of a crowded street.





Powers and Abilities

  • Newton's Second Law of Motion - Edgar has the ability to transfer the speed and velocity from one moving object to another. With his abilities, he can transfer the movement speed of a tree to that of a train, which would essentially bring said train to a screeching halt. In the opposite situation, the speed of the train being transferred into the tree would cause the tree to suddenly shoot out of the ground and blast away at over 80 miles an hour, before eventually losing speed and crashing and falling.
    • Lightspeed Movement - By transferring the speed of a light particle to himself, Edgar can temporarily move at the speed of light.
  • Velocity Ground Traps - Edgar can create a sort of an invisible "mine" on a small spot on any unmoving surface, which can transfer the speed of that surface to anyone that steps on it, rendering them completely immobile.


  • All speed that is lost from being transferred will be restored to what it originally was. (I.E an object that should be fast would start speeding up again)
  • Edgar must physically touch something in order to transfer its speed to something else.
  • Edgar's mind can't keep up with his body at lightspeed.
  • Edgar can only create one velocity mine at a time.


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