Drea Garland
Basic Info
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday June 10
Blood Type O-
Main Ability Bubble Bath
Personal Data

The Bronx, New York




Terry's Requiem (Gang Leader)



Base of Operations

"You either fight so you don't get killed or your ass kicked, you get killed because you're fighting without a purpose, or you get killed because you don't fight back at all. My friend got killed because he protected me instead of fighting back. And now, I have a reason to fight. It's all a one-way street. It's a shitty little street, but it's a street. And that street is going to lead me to blow those faggots away."

- Drea.

Drea is a delinquent senior in high school who always skipped school with her best friend, Terry. One day, when they were out in the city, they got caught in the crossfire between two gangs. Terry got shot and died, while Drea managed to escape with regret. Not wanting to go to the police due to a deep mistrust of them and the criminal justice system, along with having a bad track record with the police, to begin with, Drea decides that the best course of action is to get revenge on the gangs herself, who killed her best friend.





Drea is a delinquent, and has a distaste for law and order, leading her to do several acts which landed her in juvenile facilities. Masked by her horrendous behavior against authority, however, lies an honest to goodness, good-natured human being. Drea will take matters into her own hands if need be, and acts as a vigilante of sorts across the city, especially after she gains her abilities.

Drea is an oddball. She's the kind of person who would mug and steal money from someone, only to later pay it back in the equivalent amount. She is the kind of person.

She puts on the act of a tough girl who had been through a lot (which she has, mind you), but she could be broken down emotionally quite easily should one attack her in the right spots, such as so much as mentioning Terry.

Drea values friendship and team effort above all else, making her an excellent and formidable leader for the gang she formed. The side effect to this is that she heavily dislikes being alone. Due to her parents not being around when she was younger, she always began seeking attention from other people. This is what lead her to commit several minor felonies which have all landed her in juvenile hall on several occasions.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bubble Bath - Drea has the ability to generate a limitless amount of bubbles at various sizes. With the power of her bubbles, she can fly with enough of them, or hit someone with a large amount of bubble based attacks. Originally, she could only generate bubbles from out of her body, but as time went on, she became able to generate bubbles out of nothingness a small distance around herself. The bubbles, though a single one is fragile, are dangerous if used in large numbers. Though the bubbles she can create from nothing are soap bubbles, she can also create and control different types of bubbles if she's close enough to a source.



  • Drea is named after Judy Garland, and Terry is named after Terry the dog. Both played Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard of Oz, respectively.

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