Denver Lockwood
Basic Info
Alias(es) Zeno
Alignment True Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 28
Birthday March 14
Blood Type A
Main Ability The Dichotomy Paradox
Personal Data
Birthplace Placeholder text
Nationality Placeholder text
Affiliation(s) Placeholder text
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations Placeholder text

"'Zeno's paradoxes are a marvel to think about, you know? It really makes you think; is our movement simply false? Is there some greater force that dictates how we move from point A to point B? Is free will false and we're all being moved like pawns in a game of chess? We will never know the true answer to these things. But that is fine as long as they are a wondrous idea to think about, even if they are proven false by the scientific community."

- Denver.

Denver Lockwood is...







Denver is a man who mostly keeps to himself.


  • The Dichotomy Paradox - Denver has the ability to go into a state of being "unreachable". By becoming "unreachable", it seems as though it is impossible to come into contact with him, regardless of the method used. For example; physical blows never reach Denver, psychic abilities never seem to go through to him, projectiles always seem to look like they're going to hit but they never do. Even if Denver were to activate his ability, go outside, and stand in front of an oncoming train traveling at its fastest speed, he would never be hit by it. No matter what, Denver becomes virtually untouchable. He can make his ability be selective so certain things can come near him, but only if he chooses for it to do so. From an outside perspective, it would look like other things would pass by as someone would walk to Denver, but Denver himself would seem to always be the same distance away from whoever started coming towards him. Anything that is inside of a certain distance that he no longer allows near him will be repelled away quickly. Even the effects of things seem to just not reach Denver when his ability is activated. The effects of reality warping to try and get close to him wouldn't work because they wouldn't reach him. If he were poisoned, the effects poisoning him wouldn't work if he didn't allow them to reach him. This allows room for a limited form of causality manipulation on himself.
    • Achilles and the Tortoise - Denver can use his ability to always be one step ahead of someone who is faster than him if he were to have even so much as a minor head start. Even being ahead of whoever he would be racing against by the smallest measurements would grant him victory, because he wouldn't be able to be reached when racing, and thus unable to be surpassed.




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