Name of Your Character
Image for your character goes here.
Basic Info
Alias(es) Placeholder text
Alignment Placeholder text
Race Placeholder text
Gender Placeholder text
Age Placeholder text
Birthday Placeholder text
Blood Type Placeholder text
Main Ability Placeholder text
Personal Data
Birthplace Placeholder text
Nationality Placeholder text
Affiliation(s) Placeholder text
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations Placeholder text

This is the infobox "template" that this wiki will be using for characters hosted on this site. The code was generously given to us by a friend from another wiki that I frequent the chat of. Using this is extremely easy. Simply look at the source of this page, copy the code for this basic "template" and then edit it in Visual mode how you like it. Edit it in Source mode if you wish to change the colors of text, the background, the tabs, or if you want to add more tabs. Hopefully, you all enjoy this.

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