Collin Simmons

Collin Simmons (Millennium)

Alias(es) Millennium, Temporius
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Meta-Human
Gender Male
Age 32 (Biologically)
Birthday February 18th
Blood Type O-
Main Ability Rewind
Birthplace London, England
Nationality British
Affiliation(s) The Iron Order, Brothers in Arms
Occupation(s) Professional Criminal, Scientist
Base of Operations The Iron Complex, Arctic Circle
"With all my control over time... I am still under its thumb. I plan to change that soon enough."
― Collin Simmons

Collin Simmons is a Meta-Human from the 24th Century with various time-related abilities. His abilities manifested later in life, leading to him going back in time over 300 years and landing in the present day. In an attempt to return home, Collin founded the British military-science project Operation Mute Scream, which was created to use existing Meta-Human DNA to give abilities to non-Metas. Collin used the DNA on himself to enhance his own ability, and while this did work, he never gained the ability to travel further into the future. Eventually giving up on his quest to return home, Collin settled in the present day, where he soon became a prominent enemy of INSET under the alias Countdown. Collin even founded the Iron Order, a legion of adversaries to INSET.


Life in the Future


Arrival in the Present Day




Collin is a tall man with an average build and has brown, medium length hair, a short beard, and brown eyes. He prefers to wear dark clothes from his own time, often wearing his insulated jacket not only for comfort but for use as well.


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  • Rewind - While originally not being able to control this, Collin can now reverse time as far as he wants, though he does not use this often.
  • Temporal Protection - As to not erase him from existence, Collin is also immune to alterations in the timeline, protecting his existence.
  • Meta-Siphoning - Using the technique of Meta-Siphoning, Collin used the DNA of other Meta-Humans to enhance his own powers, though never in the way he wanted.
    • Temporal Awareness - The most benign ability to manifest due to his Meta-Siphoning was the ability to feel shifts in the current timeline, which causes him immense pain.
    • Time Distortion - Collin's most combative ability he gained from Meta-Siphoning was the ability to distort time around him, speeding or slowing it.
    • Time Theft - The final ability Collin gained from Meta-Siphoning was the ability to take time from organisms and objects and transfer it to himself, allowing him to essentially become immortal.
  • Hyper-Intellect - Even in the future, Collin was considered an incredible genius. This was only magnified when compared to people of the past.


  • Dual Plasma Pistols.
  • Holo-Blade.
  • Sensory Disruptor.
  • Insulated Jacket.
  • The Millennium Suit.


  • Collin cannot go forward in time.
  • Collin's physical strength is only average.
  • When Collin feels a fluctuation in the timeline, he feels intense pain.


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