Basic Info
Held God Spirit Of Vibrato
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Kirby
Gender Male
Age (Human Years) 17
Age (Race Years) 14
Viability Role Co-Leader
Element Music
Personal Data
Planet Origin Pochy
Location of Birth Unknown Village
Family Wren (Step-Brother)

"He's never serious, even in his Frantic Forme, yet he's powerful as hell. What gives him such enthusiasm?"

One of the first members of Viability along with his brother, Clef is considered to be the most versatile out of the 7 in the group, even though he has a giant recklessness problem and charges in head first a lot. He usually acts before thinking, but his versatility in speed, range, and attack helps him get out of sticky stituations. He joined Viability to help boost both his social reputation and enthusiasm just to beat the crap out of bads.




Viability Association




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