Chloe Faeles
Basic Info
Alias(es) Catburglar (shared with her sister)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Glitch Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday June 11th
Main Ability Wind Control
Personal Data
Birthplace Borsville
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Catburglars, Dr. Fulbright
Occupation(s) Criminal duo
Base of Operations New Syndicate Base


―Chloe's normal response when stressed.

Chloe Faeles is a recurring villain in the lettuceverse, and forms the criminal duo known as the "Catburglars" with her sister Victoria Faeles. They also later join Dr. Fulbright as part of the New Syndicate. Despite being a member of a criminal organization, Chloe is actually pretty friendly. Most of the things she does is in fact because she is too shy to stand up to her more abrasive sister.






Chloe is a direct contrast of her sister, being best described as a "shrinking violet". She is the nicer of the two, but is pretty reserved compared to Victoria. Due to being constantly put down and bossed around by her sister, she tends to be quiet and very submissive compared to others, but opens up after a while. She is also very easy to talk into things, such as entering the New Syndicate after Victoria easily convinced her. Despite her submissive nature, Chloe will stand up for herself when she feels things have gone too far, with limited success. 


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Chloe first appears alongside Victoria in ARC 22, where they are the main villains, and her as well her sister get captured and put into the NGD's prison sector at the end of the ARC. She and her sister later re-appear in ARC 24, where Dr. Fulbright frees her and some others to form the New Syndicate. In ARC 26, She helps with the breakout of Dimitri, and has a supporting role. She re-appears in arc 29, where she reluctantly helps the NGD detach Beta from the system of the base alongside the other New Syndicate members. She appears again in arc 31, reluctantly fighting Qing with the rest of the New Syndicate.

ARC 2:Multiverse

She appears alongside her sister in the lettuceverse guarding the breach to the steampunk world with Morgan Vidan, they are distracted by Paige Incanto long enough for the group to run into the breach, but not before Victoria shoots Paige with a fireball, throwing her into the breach as well. Morgan escapes into the breach, leaving a very angry Victoria and confused Chloe defeated as they watched breach close.

ARC 3:Fantasy RP

Chloe appeared alongside Victoria Faeles as new members of STONE in season 3. Chloe was reluctantly forced into it, and it culminated in STONE summoning Lucifer and nearly ending the world before being stopped by the heroes. Chloe was the only member of STONE besides Alwin to survive, and was jailed. She gets a much bigger role in season 4, where she and Alwin are pardoned by Pheonix and join DeFiance as penace for their former actions.


  • Wind Powers: She can use winds to greatly enhance her mobility, as well shoot gusts of wind, mini-tornadoes, etc.
  • Skilled with her Knives.
    • Even without her wind powers, she is extremely agile.


  • Duel Knives


Chloe has masterful use of her wind power and is extremely agile. With help from her powers, Chloe has no difficulty jumping, flipping, and rolling over, under, or above almost anyone who doesn't have the reflexes to pin her down. She also keeps 2 small knives tied into her hair ties, and is quite proficient with them. She also has a favorite move of shooting mini-tornadoes at her opponents. She is not very physically strong however, and can easily be beaten if her movement is restricted.










  • Whenever Victoria gets too enraged and literally starts erupting like a volcano, Chloe will act like a human fire extinguisher and use a strong gust of wind to put out the fire. This actually does seem to calm Victoria down for the most part, oddly. 
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