Charlie Kramer
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"Freedom is what guides us all down the path towards happiness. Without a certain set of freedoms, there is only suffering."

- Charlie.

Charlie Kramer is an outlaw on the run after being mistaken for the murder of the mayor of his hometown. His horse is A Night at The Opera.






  • Charlie Daniels Band - Simple Man





  • Gunslinging - Charlie is a competent shooter, able to keep up with The Reject and shoot him from a good distance away while on his horse.


  • One revolver
  • One knife


  • Down the Rabbit Hole - Charlie has the ability to open and close up holes on any surface that he is near. When a hole is opened, the object that being opened isn't damaged, and will be perfectly fine when the hole is closed. Charlie can manipulate how deep a hole is, and how small the enterance is, allowing him to hide inside larger objects.
    • Pocket Dimension Access - Besides making holes on surfaces, Charlie can create holes to enter an empty void, in which he typically uses to either hide or store supplies. By entering the pocket dimension, Charlie can appear to create a hole out of anywhere near where he entered the pocket dimension, making it appear as if he's going through a portal.


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