"It's nesting in me! It's nesting in me!"
― Unknown author

Characters in the Los Tontos category are characters that belong to a universe in which humor is the main purpose. Most characters originate from the GTA shenanigans of three administrators, although some are simply written down in lore and others are Joke Characters that make occasional cameos. The name itself is a reference to Los Santos, the main city in Grand Theft Auto 5 that translates to The Saints. Instead of The Saints, however, Los Tontos translates to "The Fools."

At this time, these are the notable individuals and characters that appear in Los Tontos.

  • Alucard Meemer- The man of many disguises himself, Alucard Meemer is the self-proclaimed Mafioso (and sole member) of a "notorious" mafia known as the Scarlet Mafia. The mafia was started when Alucard, homeless and on the streets, was given a twenty dollar bill by a fellow homeless homie and told to make it worth it. Alucard used the money to buy a cheap pair of red loafers from a store and then began his life as a Mafioso, with the other homeless man being the Godfather that is never present or involved whatsoever.
  • Green Mask-
  • Thug Kuda-
  • The Cheeki Brothers- The Cheeki Brothers are a duo originating from the eastern country of Cheekiland, also known as the nation of True Slavs. With military experience and many, many bottles of vodka, the brothers often use their teamwork and Slavic powers to pull off heists on a grand scale. It is also worth noting that they both live in the same apartment complex that Alucard lives in.
  • Faggot Cop- A seemingly immortal police officer that arrives to stop criminal activity. Once he appears, however, he yells "FAGGOT!" at the top of his lungs at the criminals. 
  • Jerry Fineman-

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