Alias(es) Sarah (Real Name)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday April 20th
Main Ability Heat Control
Birthplace Highlife City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) The Syndicate, The New Syndicate
Occupation(s) Second in command of the syndicate/New Syndicate member 
Base of Operations Brix Towers
― Brix

Brix is a supporting villain that appears in the Lettuceverse and the Metaverse. He is a bratty and somewhat dim-witted early teen that is seen causing trouble for the heroes. He is also the leader of the syndicate, which is a mafia-like crime group seen in the Lettuceverse.



His father, Panzer was a wealthy leader of the syndicate that was well feared and respected in the city, but he was uncovered as being a powerful meta-human by the government right before season 3 of heroes, and was executed for his crimes, leaving Brix to his only blood relative, thus making him leader of the syndicate.

ARC 1: Season 3 of Heroes

Brix was the main antagonist of season 3 along with Lucian. His appearances mainly consisted of him ordering his unwilling minions around to get Paige's hat, and usually getting kicked out of the base window by Paige. This changed when he hired Lucian as a new bodyguard, who then crafted a plan to kidnap Paige, then use her as a hostage to force the department to reveal it's secrets, but it failed thanks to brix attacking them yelling about the hat, which Lucian then used the tension to make his already fed up minions to throw him out, and for Lucian to take control of the syndicate. He later appears at the final fight against Lucian as being invited with harrison and the rest of the heroes, and was knocked out by harrison for the majority of the fight, but he regained consciousness, and knocked out Lucian from behind using paige's frying pan, then foolishly called the meta-hunters to get rid of Lucian, but they ended up taking him as well. At the final scene of season 3, Brix was rambling about getting revenge while playing Cards with an annoyed Lucian in their jail cell.

Arc 2: The Lettuceverse

Brix first makes an appearance in a cameo in Arc 6, his picture was shown on the list of Glitch-Humans Norman was going to catch. He first physically appears in Arc 8, as the main antagonist with his father. He escapes after the final battle of the arc, and returns in Arc 9, and sent bounty hunters to catch Pembroke,Nester, and Hunter  and hold them for ransom, but he was found out and caught at the end of arc, and was put in prison in the Vida Islands. He was then mentioned in arc 11 by Flint, saying "hes crying for milky in prison". He didn't appear again until arc 15, where he was the main antagonist, and tried to steal ALL OF THE MILKY in highlife city. He was defeated quite easily. He re-appeared in Arc 16, where he stole the Pembroke Power Saver, and was chased by the heroes and Norman's lackeys until he was beaten and dropped it while escaping. He then reappeared in the verse finale Arcs 19 and 20, fighting the heroes alongside his freed father, Panzer, and the rest of Norman's group. While his father was captured and jailed at the end of the verse, Brix was put into the NGD's prison sector. He re-appears in ARC 24, where he is freed by Dr. Fulbright and forms the New Syndicate. He appears again in ARC 26, and has a main role. He then has the star role in ARC 27, alongside Beta, where he makes his own Milky Emporium.  Brix re-appears in arc 29, where he works with the heroes to detach Beta from the base's computer system. He appears again in ARC 31, and fought Qing with the rest of the New Syndicate.He then has a minor role in ARC 32, where he appears at the end, visiting his milk emporium to check on Big Milky. He then throws a temper tantrum when Big Milky tells him what happened after he tried to bring back the old syndicate.

Arc 3:Multiverse

Brix is frequently mentioned by Paige Incanto throughout the second and third seasons. He gets his first appearance at the end of season 2, where he and Big Milky come across a breach and end up walking in on the final fight. He then decides to help the heroes as his syndicate won't be able to take all of the world's "Milky" if the eraser destroys it all. Around the end of the fight,  Brix and Big Milky get blasted back into the breach by an explosion from a laser beam. Brix appeared again around the middle of the third season, where Paige coaxed information about Jake Jones's whereabouts from him, and it was revealed that he wanted to take his Milky Emporium to other dimensions. Some time later in the penultimate episode of season 3, Brix appears in the Paranormal Universe and watches the fight alongside his new friend, Pietro, while serving him Milk and popcorn, and witnesses Bernard's revelation. He appears again in the final episode of season 3, helping fight back Bernard with flaming milk cartons and his AK-47. After Bernard and Salvador are defeated, he runs off hoping to find another breach to start his Milky Emporium in a more suitable place.



Brix wears a backwards red cap, a black tank top, and shorts. He has a tattoo labled "SD" on his shoulder for "syndicate", and usually has a lollipop in his mouth. He sometimes pulls an AK-47 out from nowhere.


Brix is self-centered, Bratty, and not very bright. He has a tendency to be very impulsive, and seems not to care what anyone says about him. He is very determined, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Brix has an obsession with Milk, and will do anything to acquire it. He also loves any kind of power or thing he cannot understand, such as Paige's hat. He tends to love bossing people around with no regard for their feelings, but can also be quite civil and friendly when he wants to be. He also has a rather businesslike demeanor, and can be be quite agreeable when trying to make deals, his own milk emporium is extremely successful due to his natural business prowess. Brix has also been implied to be pretty good at math, surprisingly. 


  • Power
  • Money
  • Milk


  • Skim Milk
  • Being told what to do
  • Being called Sarah (His real name)


  • Trying to steal Paige's hat
  • Throwing Tantrums
  • Ordering people around.


  • Heat Generation: He can melt objects and set them on fire. He can also shoot pulses of heatwaves. His power is most effective when he is angry, giving him more powerful heat.


  • Backwards Cap
  • Actual AK-47
  • Carton of 2% Milk in his pocket.










  • Brix's real name is Sarah.
  • He calls himself brix because, like he says a lot... "hes as tough as brix", to make himself sound "threatening"
  • Hi likes 2% milk only, and frequently says "BRING ME MY MILKY" after making a speech to his minions.
  • The Artwork on his profile was done by Slaps.
  • He is the greatest meme of this entire Wiki, usually not going for longer then 2 days without being referenced. 
  • A Brix is actually a tool called the Brix Refractometer to measure milk quality, which was unknown to the creator  before he made Brix obsessed with milk, needless to say, hes patting himself on the back pretty hard rn.

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