Alias(es) The Last Saint, Cain, Madman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human (Blessed)
Gender Male
Age 34
Birthday October 14th
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Grace of Cain
Birthplace Blackwater, Nebraska
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Unemployed
Base of Operations Mobile
"Someone here is gonna die, and let me tell you something, ugly. It ain't gonna be me."
― Blake Dubhghall, confronting a demon.

Blake Dubhghall is one of few survivors of Hell's Invasion of Earth in Timeline-359. He is aggressive, cynical, and even flat out psychotic at times. Being the most capable man left on Earth to deal with the demons, he is (despite his attitude) the one chosen by "God" to fight the demons, being gifted with the Grace of Cain, a blessing that allows him to kill anything that can bleed.


Revelations: Hell to Pay









Blake is very aggressive and irritable, often not getting along with others. This is portrayed during Revelations, where despite getting the option on occasion, he prefers to work alone. He also despises the government, going so far as to murder his companion upon learning they were working for the US Military to try to stop the demons.


Weapons, Murder, Chickens, The Tunnel of Love


Others, Government, Test Your Strength Machines


Blake collects weapons.


  • Grace of Cain - The blessing gifted to him by "God", Blake is capable of killing anything that can be killed, so long as it can bleed.
    • Healing Block - Grace of Cain also makes Blake able to prevent beings from healing while in his presence.
    • Supernatural Condition - The blessing also conditioned Blake's body to be able to keep up with his killing capacity.
  • Technomagic - As a reward for defeating Satan, "God" gifted Blake with Magical Technology to help him continue his mission.
    • Occult Detection - Using his right glove, Blake can track large amounts of occult activity in whatever world he's in, or even other universes.
    • Dimensional Travel - Using the same glove, Blake can travel to whatever dimension he pleases.
    • Flash Step - Using his boots, Blake is capable of Flash Stepping large distances.
    • Synthesizing  - Using his left glove, Blake is capable of creating weapons, items, etc. from nothing.
    • Mirror Image - By activating all of his clothing at once, Blake can become a mirror of his opponent.
  • Enhanced Marksmanship - Blake is an expert marksman with all firearms.
  • Weapon Proficiency - Blake is capable of using any weapon to a deadly extent, even improvised and improbable ones.


  • Dual Revolvers
  • Various blades
  • Anything he can find


  • Blake himself can die.
  • Blake's intelligence is little less than normal.
  • Blake is also extremely confident in his abilities, and can underestimate opponents easily.


  • Blake is inspired by Caleb from the Blood series.
    • However, their similar attire is a coincidence.
  • Blake's surname translates directly from Gaelic as "Dark Stranger".
  • Blake lived alone in Nebraska with his pet chicken "Squanches" before Hell invaded Earth.

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