Basic Info
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Birthday 2/18
Blood Type B
Main Ability Retrocausality
Personal Data
Birthplace Pueblo, Colorado
Nationality American

Grandpa Moe

Aya Borracho



Helping out in finding Muffin Man

Base of Operations None

"I want to go home..."

Billy is the grandson of Grandpa Moe, and a primary ally in  Alcohol, to Aya Borracho, and plays a major role in the defeat of Denver Lockwood.






Billy is a fearful guy, and is generally scared 


  • Retrocausality - Billy has the ability to induce and manipulate the concept of retrocausality, or the reversal of the relationship between cause and effect. This is paradoxical because, of course, the relationship of two events can only happen by the cause starting said event, and the effect coming about as a result of the cause. The effects of Billy making the effect come before its cause are simple; The effect of something happens before its cause comes into play. This means that Billy can make the effect of something happen before the cause of it happens, which means he can "make the effects of something, anything, happen instantaneously." For example, if Billy were to shoot someone with a gun, he could have the effects of someone getting shot with the gun even before he even picks it up and pulls the trigger. This enables Billy to do virtually anything he could possibly to someone as he can make the effect happen regardless of how it happens, as the cause doesn't happen first, and is thus irrelevant. When Billy reverses causality, the cause will eventually happen to the effect.
    • Absolute Attack - If Billy makes the effects of any attack happen on someone before the cause, no matter what, they will always be hit and damaged by said effect. This ability has the capabilities to bypass the defenses, distance, the speed of the target, and is completely irreversible. If Billy uses an attack then reverses its cause-effect relationship, the foe will always be hit, with a 100% chance of success.
      • Paradox Defiance - In his fight with Denver, he demonstrates that when he uses his ability to attack someone, he can completely bypass the contradictions and paradoxes that would arise. He even explains that his ability enables him to ignore any paradox.
    • Acausality - The effects that happen as a result of Billy's immunity to causality are completely immune to all forms of interference.



  • Billy has to achieve high levels of concentration to use his ability.
  • He has extreme difficulty being able to use his ability effectively in fights, and thus can be completely useless in a fight unless he has time to concentrate long enough to use his powers.
  • Billy himself scares easily, and thus might run away in fear unless he's pushed to fight.


  • Billy is named after Billy Joel.

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