Big Milky
Big milky
Basic Info
Alias(es) Big Milky
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Normal Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Probably milk-like
Main Ability Babysitting
Personal Data
Birthplace Highlife City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) The Syndicate
Occupation(s) High Ranking Syndicate Member
Base of Operations Brix Towers

"Jesus Christ Brix my name is Chad, fucking little brat"

― Big Milky

Big Milky is a recurring character in the lettuceverse, and is a high ranking syndicate member, but is usually taken for granted and made to babysit Brix, much to his disliking. Brix refers to him as "Big Milky", because of his obession with milk, and due to Chad being extremely tall.




-------------------------------------------------------> (He is also 6 foot 11)

Theme Songs


Big Milky is extremely respectful to Panzer, but is 100% fucking done with Brix. After being forced to babysit him, he sometimes even forgets his real name due to being called "Big Milky" so much. He has a very short temper, and dislikes Brix to the point where he wishes he was dead, and sometimes becomes suicidal due to be regularly abused by him.


ARC 1: Lettuceverse

Big Milky is a recurring character in the lettuceverse, being Brix's personal bodyguard/Babysitter. He first appears in ARC 8, and has a supporting role, being seen in almost every scene Brix is in, and participating in the fight scene at the end of the ARC. He re-appears in ARC 9, being sent by Panzer to watch over Brix while he is in Jail, and has a supporting role. Big Milky doesn't appear again until ARC 15, where he reluctantly breaks Brix out of prison under the orders of panzer with the help of some other syndicate members, and was seen being depressed while he was helping Brix steal all of the milk in highlife city, and has another supporting role. He has a main role in ARC 16, where he helped Brix steal the PPS, and guarded him while they tried to escape Norman and the NGD. Big Milky appears again in the finale ARCS 19 and 20, where he, Brix, and a now freed Panzer teamed up with Norman and was seen in the fight scenes, with a minor role, he was captured and put into the NGD's prison sector at the end of the ARC. He didn't appear again until ARC 24, where he had a cameo, being seen in the cell next to brix, and sighing when he wasn't let out. He then had a very minor role in ARC 27, after he was freed after doing his time, but as soon as he walked out he was then seized by Brix and put in charge of his Milky Emporium at the end of the arc so Brix can go back to working with Dr. Fulbright, to which Big Milky just sighed again.

ARC 2: Metaverse

Big Milky is an extremely minor character in the metaverse, and was seen in heroes series 2 season 3, as Brix's right hand bodyguard. He had a couple lines, but was not seen after season 3 at all. 


  • Is skilled with guns, and hand to combat due to being a member of the syndicate.


  • Belt full of bottles of milk to keep brix occupied.
  • Brass Knuckles


  • Big Milky's entire character was made on a skype chat while thinking of CRP Pawn Star meme intros, and the name "Big Milky", was given to one of Brix's bodyguards in the intro for a joke, spawning the idea of this character.
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  • XXX

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