Basic Info
Alias(es) Dumbot (Norman)
Alignment Neutral good
Race Robot
Gender N/A (Is referred to as a he)
Age Unknown
Height 4 foot
Main Ability
Personal Data
Weight 230 lbs.
Nationality Robot

Norman, Cyrus Grex.

Occupation(s) One of Norman's robot bodyguards.
Base of Operations U nknown

"I AM NOT A BOLTBRAIN, well technically, I mean, technically I have bolts in my brain but lets just ignore that- I've been talking about this too long now it's starting to get ironic..."

― Beta

Beta is a Robot that has appeared in both the metaverse and the lettuceverse. He is very stupid robotic bodyguard of Norman.



Beta is humanoid in appearance, but has a round head, and a 2  beady eyes that glow green. He has humanoid arms and legs, but there are tons of weapons he can morph his hands into, and can shoot missiles out of the slots on his arms.


Beta is the perfect foil to Norman, being well-meaning and eager to please him, but extremely stupid, and likely defected.  He has a habit of using food in his insults and expressions, and is actually very depressed he can't eat, and sometimes can be seen longing over donuts. He also has a habit of being very thankful to anybody for doing even a menial task for him. He is also very friendly to his other bodyguard co-workers, aside for Alpha, who destests him.


ARC 1: Metaverse

Beta first appears in season 2 of Series 3, and is the personal assistant of Norman.

ARC 2: Lettuceverse



  • "Glitchy hands":Beta can morph his hands in a variety of useful things and perform a variety of functions, such as turning his hands into miniguns, flamethrowers, and he can even shoot missles and tractor beams out of them. Wether he can actually do this without failing however, is up for debate. 


  • Beta has many extremely useful abilities, but his lack of general competence limits his role in fights, and is simply too stupid to be very effective.

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