Basic Info
Alias(es) Dumbot (Norman)
Alignment Neutral good
Race Robot
Gender N/A (Is referred to as a he)
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Hand morphing
Personal Data
Birthplace Norman's Lab
Nationality Robot

Norman, The New Syndicate

Occupation(s) Being Normans dumb robot sidekick
Base of Operations New Syndicate HQ

"I AM NOT A BOLTBRAIN, well technically, I mean, technically I have bolts in my brain but lets just ignore that- I've been talking about this too long now it's starting to get ironic oh jeez"

― Beta

Beta is a Robot that has appeared in both the metaverse and the lettuceverse. He is very stupid robotic creation of Norman.



Beta is humanoid in appearance, but has a round head, and a 2  beady eyes that glow green. He has humanoid arms and legs, but there are tons of weapons he can morph his hands into, and can shoot missiles out of the slots on his arms.


Beta is the perfect foil to Norman, being well-meaning and eager to please him, but extremely stupid, and likely defected.  He has a habit of using food in his insults and expressions, and is actually very depressed he can't eat, and sometimes can be seen longing over donuts. He bears no resentment to the heroes, and tries to engage in casual chitchat about their day and the weather while attempting to kill them. He also has a habit of being very thankful to anybody for doing even a menial task for him.


ARC 1: Metaverse

Beta first appears in season 2 of Series 3, and is the personal assistant of Norman.

ARC 2: Lettuceverse

Beta first appeared in Arc  3, and was one of main antagonists besides Norman, he is seen to have a amicable relationship with Flint, with both of them casually chatting multiple instances before realizing they are enemies. He then appeared in Arc 4, once again serving as Normans lackey.  His role changes a bit in hunted part 2, being seen guarding Norman's base without Norman being present, and getting beaten up for information.  He is not seen again until Arc 10, but gets damaged due to getting hit by a car during trying to spy on the heroes at their base. This renders him somewhat delusional, and he begins working with the heroes thinking they are Norman and his soldiers. Later in arc 10, he sacrifices himself by initiating self-destruct function thinking that Norman is the heroes, and ends up blowing himself up to please "Norman" which is actually Pembroke who told him to stop. This was in vain, as Norman easily survived. In ARC 12, Pembroke has rebuilt Beta, but with his full intelligence, so he gains newfound enlightenment, and starts being mentored by Brahma about the essence of life. Norman finds this out, and defeats  Brahma, and his assistant Qing, then tries to get Beta back on his side without hurting him. Beta refuses, as he knows what he has done is wrong, so Norman doesn't even blink before using his grappling hook to rip Beta's legs off before he can run, and opening the plate on his head, which contains all of his wires. Norman then cuts the intelligence wire, and Beta loses memory of everything that happened, and happily goes home with Norman. He appears again in ARC 14, where he fights the heroes with Norman at the end of the ARC. Beta appears again in ARC 16, where he worked with Dr. Fulbright to try and capture Brix, who had the PPS and fought at the end of the ARC. He Had a minor role in ARC 17, where he monitored Flint, Riley, and Jake's maze with Dr. Fulbright.  He then appeared again in ARCS 19 and 20, where he fought alongside Norman, after Norman was defeated, Beta tried to reason with the NGD, but was captured and put into the prison sector of the NGD base. He made a re-appearance in ARC 22, having a cameo and one line as Paige Incanto and Brian Incanto were leading the Faeles sisters into their cells, he asked Paige for some donuts. He appeared again in ARC 24, having a supporting role and worked with Dr. Fulbright and the rest of the new syndicate. He then had a supporting role in ARC 26, and was part of the breakout team. He has a supporting role in ARC 27, where he helps Brix with the milk emporium. He appears again with a central role in ARC 29, where he gets infected with the virus Pembroke used to hack into the New Syndicate base and goes haywire, leading the two teams to work together to detach him, after being detached, he seemed to not have a memory of whatever he did. He appeared again in ARC 31, being seen in the fight at the end of the ARC with the rest of the New Syndicate.

ARC 3:Multiverse

Beta appears around the middle of season 2 with Norman, and accidentally gets fused with Jake Jones and jetpacks through a breach. He appears again at the start of season 3, with Dr. Fulbright and Norman, attending Vernon's meeting.


  • Has a bunch of weapons that can shift for his hands. He can turn his hands into miniguns, flamethrowers, saws, and oddly spoons.
    • Is able to use his fingers to reprogram computer programs and other kinds of technology, such as power blocking collars.
  • Since he is a robot, he is generally able to take more of a beating then a regular human.
  • He has a jetpack which he can use to escape, but it takes a rather long time to start up.
  • Beta also can turn his hands into tractor beams.
  • He can shoot missles from slots on his palms as well.


  • Beta and Norman first appeared in a series the creator wrote in 8th grade.
  • Beta has many extremely useful abilities, but his lack of general competence limits his role in fights, and is simply too stupid to be very effective.

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