Ben Kozlovsky
Basic Info
Alignment True Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday November 28th
Blood Type A
Main Ability The Undefined Equation
Personal Data

Siberia, Russia


Russian-American (moved to America at a young age)

Occupation(s) Gangster
Base of Operations

"отвратительный" - "Disgusting."

- Ben.





Ben knows what he wants. He is very single-minded about his goal to overthrow Archie, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is incredibly intelligent and cunning, making sure that each and every step of his plans are carefully calculated to ensure that they go swimmingly. If he experiences a setback, he becomes annoyed. However, these annoyances aren't enough to deter him.

He can be completely ruthless to people he defeats, by physically torturing them, or outright removing them with his ability.

He holds a respect/hatred relationship for those who continuously get in his way and defeat him.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Undefined Equation - Ben has the ability to, quite literally, perform the arithmetic impossibility of dividing any object by zero. With this power, he has the ability to make any object have an "error", causing said object to literally collapse upon itself, quickly and violently getting "sucked" into itself until it disappears into nothingness.
    • Black Hole Creation - Ben can divide the surrounding air (the object) into nothingness (zero), creating a temporary black hole. The black hole, of course, will suck up everything until it disappears. The black holes will usually disappear after a minute or so, but can potentially last up to hours, according to Ben.
      • Limited Gravitation Adaption - He's been exposed to and used his black hole abilities so many times that he's effectively gained resistance being pulled by infinitesimal gravity of his own black holes.


  • Ben requires touching an object with his hands to divide it by zero.


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