Basic Info
Alignment True Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 48
Birthday January 9th
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Oye Como Va, Mi Ritmo
Personal Data
Birthplace Adilabad District, India
Nationality Indian
Affiliation(s) None
Occupation(s) Unknown
Base of Operations None

"Have fun." 

- Basil.

Basil Ghadavi is...





Powers and Abilities

  • Oye Como Va, Mi Ritmo - Basil is capable of manipulating the rhythm in all things, whether they be physical or conceptual. From heartbeats to wavelengths, to the physical and metaphysical laws of the universe. Because everything has a rhythm, Basil has the power to achieve nearly anything, and everything, with incredible potential.
    • Causality Manipulation- Directly stated when he first meets Isabelle, that he can manipulate the rhythm of cause and effect, allowing him to literally decide what happens and what doesn't. When Isabelle tries to attack him with hydrogen stars, he simply waves them away.
    • Regeneration - By manipulating the biorhythm of his own cells, he can regenerate his own wounds.
    • Time Manipulation - Basil can manipulate the rhythm of time to achieve a limited form of time manipulation. He mainly uses this to simply stop time.
    • Frequency Manipulation - By controlling rhythm, Basil has direct control over how often something happens, such as the beats from a drum to how long it takes for a heart to get from one beat to the next. Basil can use this to slow his foes down by slowing the rhythm of each step they take towards him.



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