Barrie Morgan
Alias(es) The Lost Shell of a former Man
Alignment Lawful Good/Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 57
Birthday January 2nd
Blood Type O
Main Ability Arrowhead Tongue
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Nationality Swedish/Italian-American

Gene Morgan (Daughter, deceased)

James Edwin (Son-in-Law, deceased)

Isabelle Hausler (Granddaughter)

Occupation(s) Magician
Base of Operations

"Look s-sir, I don't want any trouble. Just give me my sweet, precious little girl back and I will give you anything, *sniff* just, please, I won't call the cops, and we can forget about this whole incident. Just please, please, PLEASE...don't hurt her..."

- Barrie to the mysterious man on the phone, who claims to be part of the gang that kidnapped his daughter.

Barrie Morgan is a recently fired magician who comes home to find that his wife had been beaten to near death and his daughter kidnapped, and goes on an endeavor to go save his daughter.




He wears a typical magician's outfit, consisting of a dark suit, red tie, white globes, and an incredibly large top hat which he can store objects in. He wears the mask used by the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera. 



Barrie is an incredibly cowardly and awkward fellow.


  • Arrowhead Tounge- Barrie has an incredibly elastic tongue, which can stretch out to its full length at over ten miles. Once it reaches a certain length, the edge of the tongue shapes itself into an arrowhead, allowing Barrie to pierce objects as hard as steel with it. He's also capable of launching his tongue at high speed.


  • Barrie's tongue can be used against him.


  • Barrie is based somewhat on the lyrics to the song "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue", with a few differences.
  • The description of the woman in the song is the exact same description of Barrie's daughter, Gene.
    • Gene is named after Gene Austin, a ragtime pianist who performed the song.

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