Basic Info
Alias(es) Valcav's Guard Dog
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Bloodhound
Gender Male
Age 8
Birthday ?
Blood Type ?
Main Ability Opinokinesis
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown, but somewhere in the Czech Republic
Nationality Czech
Affiliation(s) Valcav Novak (pet owner)
Occupation(s) Guard dog
Base of Operations Wherever Valcav goes


- Bad.

Bad is a minor antagonist in Bullets and is Valcav's guard dog.





Being raised by Valcav ever since he was a puppy, Bad holds a deep devotion to his master and will go after and attack anyone he perceives as a threat to Valcav. Typical to other dogs of his breed, Bad is very determined to find his targets.

Bad is very intelligent and is capable of using his abilities for many types of purposes in a battle, even without the command of Valcav. It manages to get the drop on Thomas and Melanie when they least expect Bad to be an enemy to them.


  • Opinokinesis - Bad has the ability to control the five senses; Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Hearing, on himself and other living creatures. This Abnormality, when used correctly, has the capacity to be incredibly dangerous, especially coupled with the bites and scratches of Bad. His ability to manipulate the senses can allow him to do things such as enhance the sense of touch of someone to make them extremely hypersensitive if they so much as move. Bad could remove all the senses of someone so it becomes incredibly difficult for that person to perceive their environment. He could inflict synesthesia on someone by fusing two or more of their senses with each other. On top of this, Bad could even enhance his already powerful canine senses to track people down even easier. Whatever the case may be, Bad is an incredibly dangerous dog.





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