If you read this your mom will

the alien and the alcoholic.

sort of tall lady, red hair, mean looking, very athletic

quite nice but very sarcastic sounding.

when she isn’t drunk but when she is drunk, she gets mad.

very VERY mad, doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time if she’s really drunk, but still has a good heart.

frustrated at her poor situation.

often cynical of the world. self-deprecating. self-confidence issues led to drinking habits in the first place.

cannot hold onto money for long as she’ll spend much it on alcohol to fuel her fix, falling into a drunken stupor as she regrets most life choices.

finds her job as a prostitute humiliating but she cannot hold most other jobs due to her habits and situation which only serves to destroy her self-esteem even more.

One Beer


the drunker she gets the stronger and more durable she gets. literally just popeye or the hulk but with alcohol.

also gets better at fighting with more alcohol. could potentially be a master in several forms of martial arts

she can tell how much alcohol is in someone's system.


constant hangovers. all drinks except for water and alcoholic beverages taste horrible to her and she can't stomach them.

  • birthday - 5/31
  • birthplace - hoboken, new jersey
  • age - 24
  • favorite drink - scotch ale
  • favorite band - starbuck