Aya Borracho
Basic Info

The Alcoholic

Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday March 31
Blood Type O-
Main Ability Alcohol Empowerment
Birthplace Hoboken, New Jersey
Nationality American

Prostitute (formerly)


Bar Manager

Base of Operations Her trailer
"Everything hurts and I hate it."
― Aya.

Aya Borracho is the the central character of the Alien arc of the Abnormalverse.

A former prostitute trying to lead a better life, Aya finds herself in poverty and can't hold a steady job long enough to get herself out of it, along with having an extremely dangerous alcohol addiction which she blows most of her money on. One night, on a walk through the woods, a spaceship happens falls from the sky and crashes straight into her, but she survives unscathed, and rescues an alien inside of it before it explodes.

The alien, nicknamed Starman, is the sole free member of its species, the Polarians. He becomes in debt to Aya, and warns her that the enemy that enslaved his race is going to come to Earth in an unknown amount of time, due to the ship Starman stole having a tracking device on it. Aya reluctantly offers to help him rebuild the ship and attempt to lure the oncoming fleet away from Earth, in a last-ditch effort that the human race won't suffer the same fate as the Polarians.




Aya is a tall woman, about 6"1 in height. She has long, messy reddish brown hair, and is often seen wearing tank tops with jackets or collared shirts.



Aya's personality varies wildly depending on how drunk she is. While she's sober or mildly drunk, she tends to be more mild-mannered and often quiet most of the time. If she can avoid it, she tends to stay out of conflict. When she's drunk, however, she gains a hair-trigger temper with a foul mouth to match it, and often shouts out everything she says, threatening to kill anyone that pissed her off. Regardless of her state, however, she is goodhearted and will help people if she can (albeit unwillingly).



  • Multilingual - Despite considering herself to not be very smart, Aya can speak English and Spanish, as well as having learned Keniul (the Polarian's language) from Starman in the span of less than a month.


  • One Beer - Aya's ability is to gain strength from alcohol. In essence, the more she drinks and becomes intoxicated, the stronger she becomes over time. Her ability
    • Fighting Spirit - Despite being drunk and disoriented, Aya's ability to fight tends to get better the drunker she gets, creating an unpredictable fighting style.
    • Immunities - Interestingly, she sports an immunity to most of the side effects of alcohol, and compares drinking alcohol to drinking water. However, she still suffers from hangovers, her personality is different while she's drunk, and she tends to lose rationality.
    • Infinite Consumption - Aya can consume as much alcohol as she wants, with no actual explanation. She doesn't get "full", nor does her body seem to react to the massive amount she could potentially drink. In theory, Aya has the potential for infinite strength as long as she keeps drinking.
    • Enhanced Leap - Aya's strength also extends to her lower body. Depending on how drunk she is, she can leap and great distances.


  • Aya can hardly control herself while she's drunk.


  • Aya's Abnormality manifested when she turned twenty-one years old.