Basic Info
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Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Region North America
Gender Male
Age 20's
Birthday 22nd of October
Main Ability Hat Trick
Additional Data
Birthplace Edgewater Park, New Jersey
Ancestry Turkish
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Occupation(s) Freelancer / Unemployed / Thief

Arthur Caput is a... 

Arcs Involved In

Upbringing and Early Life


Mad Hatter Arc

The story of how Arthur acquired the top hat.


[it's the movie arc]


[if this becomes a universe, this will be the overreaching arc and main plot]


[special arc for Christmas, in which Arthur acquires a Santa hat]



  • Leitmotif:
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Arthur's personality...

He likes...

He dislikes...


  • Hat Trick- Arthur is infamous for his ability to rapidly change his power capabilities through switching the hat he's wearing.
    • It's unknown exactly how, but Arthur is able to pull whatever hat he wants out from behind his back at will. He is not capable of wearing more than one hat at once.
    • Fedora- If Arthur dons a fedora, he gains the ability to immediately teleport behind people.
    • Boater Hat- One of Arthur's more interesting hats, he gains the ability to make Dean Martin's Ain't That A Kick In The Head play through nearby audio devices, causing anyone who hears it to become passive and begin dancing and humming/singing to it.
    • Kippah- By putting on a Jewish traditional hat, Arthur becomes an individual who is noticeably easier to tolerate than he was before so. He also can inspire altruism in others while wearing it, which is particularly useful for when he needs some extra funds.
    • Fez- 
    • Beret - By donning a sniper's beret, Arthur can use firearms and other projectile launchers to hit essentially whatever he wants accurately as long as it's within a reasonable distance (i.e. he can't snipe people on the moon).
    • Coonskin - The coonskin hat grants Arthur the ability to communicate with woodland animals. As a bonus, he becomes considerably harder to notice while in rural areas.
    • Top Hat- One of Arthur's most powerful hats, he acquired it from a shady witch doctor in a dream he had. Along with being able to cause sudden jerky motions in the limbs of living beings, he can cause severe discombobulation in people as well as cause hallucinations. At night it gains stronger abilities.
    • Bowler Hat-
    • Riding Cap
    • more to come...


  • Hats.




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