Detective Cromwell
Alias(es) Clockwork, Tower
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human (Mage)
Gender Male
Age 22
Birthday September 16th
Blood Type B+
Main Ability Placeholder text
Birthplace London, England
Nationality British (English)
Affiliation(s) RBCST
Occupation(s) Constable
Base of Operations London, England
"You're like a child with the capability of bringing down a city."
― Chief Ghoddes to Cromwell

Arran Cromwell is a former delinquent turned officer for the RBCST, as well as one of the primary protagonists in Timeline-44. He was a former bank robber who was arrested and sent to prison. However, he was offered freedom in exchanged for using his magical and cognitive prowess to help the Royal British Constabulary of Significant Transgressions, which he accepted immediately. Instead of being called Arran, he prefers to be referred to as Cromwell.


Childhood and Criminal Career






Arran is tall with a mild build. He has pale skin, short reddish-brown hair, and emerald green eyes.

His typical attire consists of a large black jacket with a matching black flat cap, purple vest with a white undershirt and black tie, black pants and a belt.



Arran, unlike most members of the RBCST, is extremely fun loving and energetic. When not doing police work, he always looks for new places to hang out and stir up mischief. When under pressure he's calm and collected, always making sure to maintain a level head in even the most intense of situations, but when not on the job he becomes far more excitable and happy.


Drinking, Working, Causing Trouble


Being Bored, Swimming, Singing


Arran repairs mechanical machines in his passtime.


  • Symbol of Industry - Arran's mage symbol is a Gear, which allows him to utilize various effects.
  • Mechanical Intuition - Due to using his Symbol so often, Arran can now understand any mechanical contraption and any problems they may be having.
  • Enhanced Condition - A combination of his life on the street and his police training, Arran excels in all physical fields, but most notably acrobatics and athleticism.


  • Police Badge
  • Flintlock Pistol
  • Various gears


  • While Cromwell does physically exceed, there are many who are more physically capable than him.
  • Arran cannot control time as a whole.


  • Arran dislikes being referred to as Oliver Cromwell, as he despises Puritans.
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