Basic Info
Alias(es) She Who Shouldn't Exist
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Elder God
Gender None, referred to as female and has the appearance of one
Age ? (takes the form of a girl around the age of 17 or 18)
Birthday ?
Blood Type ?
Main Ability The Most Fantastic Horror of the Otherworld
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality None
Affiliation(s) Itself
Occupation(s) Destruction
Base of Operations None

"Hehe, let's have some FUN!"

- Aphrodite to Basil.






  • The Most Fantastic Horror of the Otherworld - Aphrodite, being one of the few Horrors of her dimension that doesn't require a vessel to fully leave the Otherworld safely, is an incredibly powerful being, and arguably one of the most (if not the most) powerful beings in the Abnormalverse. She is the only one to battle on par with Penn, and is the only one to have successfully damaged him, with visible results. As one of (and possibly the most powerful) Elder God, Aphrodite is one absolutely defies logic, to its highest absolute.
    • Shapeshifting - Aphrodite, like the other Elder Gods, has the ability to shapeshift into virtually anything she desires. However, she usually takes the form of a teenage girl. This is but an illusion, however.
    • Reality is Abnormal - Her main ability. Aphrodite has the ability to blur the line between what is real, what is not real, and everything in-between to her whim, and manipulate it all with a complete knowledge of everything that can happen. Similar, if not the same to a lucid dreamer who knows they are dreaming and have control over everything. With this much power, Aphrodite is able to wreak havoc incredibly easily, across every dimension. The main applications from this ability are the ability for Aphrodite to wish virtually anything into existence or remove virtually anything from existence. Aphrodite has the ability to make the possible impossible, and vice versa. There are no rules. As far is Aphrodite is concerned, the realms of fantasy and reality are one and the same.
  • Elder God Physiology - Due to its status as an Elder God, it is freely capable of leaving the Otherworld at any time and entering other dimensions at any time it wants. It is also capable of using high-level eldritch magic to manipulate boundaries and warp reality at its whim.




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