"They're savages. Anybody who knows anything about Nirvana will know that angels are the most horrifying monstrosities ever produced by whomever birthed them into existence. Oh, and the demons especially have a distaste for them. Even the most abysmal and diabolical creatures born from the endless voids of the Otherworld hate them. The only creatures who do not hate Angels are those from the Middleworld who rely on a single book written by a man who knew how to manipulate people through writing to quench their definition of what an angel is."

- Zpastyhlmozt reminiscing about his fear of ending up in Nirvana instead of the Middleworld when the tear between dimensions broke open.

Angels are the primary species of creatures that reside in Nirvana, one of the several dimensions that make up the universe.

While simple-minded in nature, Angels are completely and utterly violent. They have an unquenchable bloodlust that can and will cause their murderous instincts to run amok. They will eat any form of flesh, including their own kind if they can get their hands on it. Angels tend to hunt in packs ranging from five to enormous groups of over eight hundred. They all speak in a single language, dubbed by the Demons as "Hslew."

There are two types of angels. The first kind, and the one consisting of the majority of angels are simply just called angels. Occasionally, an angel who leads a tribe or group of angels will be considered an Archangel.

General abilities that all angels share

  • High-Speed Flight - Angels can fly at Mach 15, or over 11,000 miles an hour, at their fastest possible speed.
  • Survival Intuition - Angels will do anything to survive.
  • Enhanced Durability - With the exception of their highly vulnerable wings, they tend to be far more durable than demons and humans.
  • Musical Weaponry - The signature weapon of the angels is a projectile weapon which resembles a large, wooden harp. It functions as a bow.
  • Miasma Emission - Besides their cannibalistic tendencies, angels are infamous for their incredibly putrid and distracting odor.
  • Erasure Immunity - Angels have a property about themselves. After The Void erases the universe, he was inexplicably unable to kill off the angels.

General weaknesses that all angels share

  • Though they almost never need to move on foot, angels have an incredibly slow movement speed on the ground. If one were to disable their wings, they would almost be completely vulnerable.
  • Faster flight causes more fatigue.
  • They can easily be outwitted due to their low intellect.

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