Basic Info
Alias(es) The poison demon
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race Poison demon
Gender Male
Age 3,222
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Main Ability Poison Magic
Birthplace the chaos realm
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) none
Base of Operations none

Algernon is a poison demon in possession of a human host, his pure malicious essence seeping through to be able to perform poisonous magic.


Algernon was a simple demon possessing poison magic that was trapped in the realm of chaos. His spirit somehow finding its way out of it and meeting a lowly human. He tempted the human, giving it thoughts of power beyond its understanding, unknowingly it had sealed its fate as Algernon took control of both his body and soul. Eventually, they fused into one being, Algernon's pure malice allowed the once non-magical human the ability to perform magic that had poisonous properties.



His original host had dark blue hair with fair skin, the possession however altered him so his eyes were darker and his general presence makes the air toxic.


Algernon embodies the very poison he controls, he seeks nothing but for his own personal gain and he has no sense of mercy. In addition to all of this he is very sadistic, often using acidic poison to burn his opponent alive.


  • Pain


  • Soap


  • None




  • Metal claws


Algernon's style of combat is based on stealth and damage over time moves via his poison, often slashing with venom-coated claws. Should he not be able to rely on stealth he can form objects out of his poison and cover the entire area with it.


  • Those immune to poison have a large advantage.

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