Akira Miyazaki
Basic Info
Alias(es) Aki, Miyazaki Akira, 宮崎 あきら
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday December 8
Blood Type B+
Main Ability A Little Lesson in Trickery
Personal Data
Birthplace Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Drea Garland (Friend)

Montague Horton (Friend)

Base of Operations None






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Normally the shy, quiet one of the gang, she rarely ever directly gets into the operations that the rest of the gang does, instead scouting out where they will strike next using her powers.

When she meets Drea, she becomes very affectionate towards her.


  • A Little Lesson in Trickery - Her most basic ability, Aki's abnormality grants her the ability to transform and disguise leaves into different objects almost instantaneously. When she disguises a leaf, the leaf will temporarily gain the properties of the object it is disguised as. For example, if Aki were to disguise a leaf as a knife, she could use it like an actual knife, for cutting and all. However, the more complex the object becomes, the more dysfunctional it becomes, and Aki must take more time to make it into a working disguise. As a result, Aki can't form highly complex objects on the fly and must work with more basic objects, especially in the middle of a fight. Disguising leaves as living creatures is even more difficult. However, Akira has managed to disguise leaves as small, living insects, such as wasps.
  • Bake-Danuki Transformation - Akira has the ability to transform into the raccoon dog from Japanese folklore. In this state, she becomes much smaller than a human. Despite this, however, she seems to become stronger physically and is able to outmatch an average human in most physical areas. By wagging her tail, Akira can fly. The only flaw to this transformation is that she can no longer disguise leaves unless she changes back to a human.
    • Disguise Mastery - Although she loses her ability to disguise leaves as objects, Akira now has the ability to disguise herself into virtually any object she wants. She can typically do this to camouflage herself and hide anywhere she needs to, or even disguise parts of her body to use in battle (such as her arm into a sword)
    • Akira eventually learns how to go into a "balanced" state between human and tanuki, which allows her to keep all of her abilities from both forms. However, its hard to maintain for long periods of time, so she usually slips into one form or the other.



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