Basic Info
Alignment Placeholder text
Race Fox Squirrel
Gender Male
Age 3~ Years
Main Ability

"I hate squirrels, I really hate squirrels."

- Aya Borracho about Aha.

Aha is a typical squirrel who became an Abnormal after an encounter with Beat Dundle






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Aha displays the typical behaviors associated with a member of its species. However, unlike other fox squirrels, he is highly aggressive to the point where he can be murderous and sadistic. This is shown when he blatantly follows Aya and Starman and attacks them off guard, for little or no reason at all. Aha seems to be somewhat intelligent, as he knew how to use his abilities relatively well after he had only recently received them from Beat, along with being able to understand that he could use his own powers to create tornadoes and have limited control over the air. Aha also seems to know that it is impossible for living things to breathe without air, and uses that to his advantage.



  • Kenokinesis - Aha can control and create vacuums, repelling most or all of the surrounding atmosphere in the regions he creates.


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