Aaron Oatley
Basic Info
Alias(es) The King of Halloween
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday 10/31/1992
Blood Type O
Main Ability Costume shapeshifting
Birthplace Hallows Square
Homeworld Halloween World
Affiliation(s) His world
Occupation(s) King
Base of Operations Hallows Square

Aaron is the current King of the world of Halloween, being able to take any form he wishes regardless of what world he's in.


Aaron was born for greatness as he was the only one in the entire world who could transform in more than one world. He was quickly groomed to be the ruler of his world with which he passed with flying colors. He showed a healthy appreciation for his worlds holiday, even going so far as to almost never been seen without a costume and keeping a whole wardrobe of them nearby wherever he went. 



He has a very youthful appearence with red eyes due to often wearing a vampire costume. He is often a fan of wearing costumes to fit the theme of Halloween.


He is a very charasmatic person, perfect for being the King. Otherwise he's very laidback and joyful, ensuring the happiness of all who enjoy Halloween. Should he see someone as a threat however he will scare them into submission or become a real monster.


  • Halloween, candy


  • Criminals


  • Making Costumes




  • Costumes


Aaron tends to use Illusions when he is trying to simply scare his opponent, should this fail however he will transform into monsters for various types of combat.


  • Lack of costumes mean his shapeshifting is limited.


  • Expy of Jack Skellington

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